The Kinmel

Chiang Mai
Authentic Thai Cuisine

Offering the very best in authentic Thai Cuisine, Chiang Mai is headed up by top Thai Chef - Chatchai Jamjang

From the Sakaeo Province of Thailand, Chatchai uses over 28 years of knowledge and experience to produce the true tastes of Thailand and a magnificent array of Thai food that will appeal to the most discerning palate.

Chatchai has cooked Thai food all over the world, preparing the very best authentic dishes for a variety of clients from Minsters and Ambassadors and was even filmed cooking in a BBC drama.

Using the finest speciality ingredients and quality market produce, Chatchai is able to offer a wealth of dishes which embrace all the best that Thai cuisine has to offer.

Chatchai now offers his traditional Kantok Banquet Menu in addition to the normal evening banquet Menu - see the Menus page for all the details.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Opening Times:

Lunch - 7 Days 12 - 3pm
Afternoon Tea - 7 Days 3pm - 4pm
Dinner - Wednesday to Sunday 6pm - 8pm

Telephone 01745 - 822659